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Hints From Heloise

First Among Boxes

Dear Heloise: I recently read some hints about MOVING in your column, and I would like to share my favorite.

This was a suggestion from my mother, who moved many times with three children during my father’s military career: Pack several boxes and label them “Open First” in large letters. The boxes include necessary items for your first few days in your new house: towels, soap and toilet paper, simple cooking supplies and snacks, cleaning supplies, pet food and bedding, a telephone and an alarm clock, and a small tool kit. You also can include a few small toys to occupy young children. This hint has saved me a lot of time and money when moving with my large family. -- Diana Holloway, Poland, Ohio

An old military moving hint that is still good today! -- Heloise



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Dear Heloise: To identify your suitcase, paint with fabric paint using stencils of an item. I have fruit (several of one kind) on my black pull-around suitcase on both sides so it is very distinguishable from other suitcases. But any items will work. Quilt designs, cars, boats, toys, you name it. The choices are endless. -- Sharon in Warren, Ohio


Dear Heloise: The (Wichita Falls, Texas) Times Record News is our daily paper. Love your column -- thanks for continuing it.

I love all the new colors of nail polish. I use black to touch up scrapes, nicks, etc., on the dressshoe heels that I keep scraping on the curb. White nail polish works great on the little nicks on my range. -- Mona in Burkburnett, Texas


Dear Heloise: I found an easy way to clean miniblinds, and I wanted to share it. I bought some suction cups with large hooks built in. I mounted them on the wall of my shower, hung the miniblind on them, sprayed it with all- purpose cleaning spray and let it sit for a few minutes. Then I rinsed it with the shower hand wand, turned the mini-blind over and did the back. No mess to clean up, as the mess went down the drain. -- Wendy in Nebraska


Dear Heloise: When the tiled backsplash was installed in my kitchen, I saw that I’d need a different switch-plate cover. I discovered that there are many textured aerosol paints in a large variety of colors available nowadays. My “new” custom switch-plate cover looks just terrific! -- Betty in California


Dear Heloise: I recently completed a round-trip drive between San Antonio and Boston. I became concerned about the number of front-seat passengers who rested their feet on the dashboard.

Please warn your readers against this practice. Should the passenger air bag deploy, multiple bones in legs might be shattered. It is much safer to keep your legs on the floor. -- Marilyn Gladson, San Antonio

Yes, ma’am! Keep feet off the dashboard! -- Heloise

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