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4-H Fair Results

Grand Champion - Britney A.
Reserve Grand Champion -
Jansen Hight
Level A
State Fair Entry - Mary Sebastian

Blue & Honor - Mary Sebastian

Blue - Nicole McKinney, Pandora Starns
Level B
State Fair Entry - Kara Schafer

Champion Level 2 - Kara Schafer

Reserve Champion Level 2 -
Kirsten Morris
Blue - Kirsten Morris, Julia
O’Neal, Kara Schafer, Danielle
Level C
State Fair Entry - Britney A.
Scott, Caroline Sebastian, Evan
Champion Level 3 - Britney A.
Scott, Caroline Sebastian, Jessica
West, Evan Wood
Reserve Champion Level 3 -
Brooke Schafer, Morgan Schafer
Blue & Honor - Brooke Schafer,
Morgan Schafer, Britney A. Scott,
Caroline Sebastian, Jessica West,
Evan Wood
Blue - Jared Peterson, Amy N.
Level D
Champion - Stephanie Hancock

State Fair Entry - Jansen Hight, Stephanie Hancock
Blue & Honor - Stephanie Hancock, Jansen Hight, Kelsie M. Risk
FOODS A - 3-4
State Fair - James Mobley, Emily Freund
Champion - Emily Freund,
James Mobley
Reserve Champion - Marinna
Freund, Mary Sebastian
Blue & Honor - Emily Freund, Marinna Freund, Abigail Herrington, Login Richardson, Mary
Blue - Jennifer J. Arthur, Kayla
Bixler, Caleb L. Harris, Mahailee
Kemp, Monica Showecker, Pandora
Starns, Matthew Stout
Red - Nicole Mckinney
* * * *
State Fair - Robert T. Herrington, Ernest Mobley

Champion Level 2 - Robert T.
Herrington, Ernest Mobley
Reserve Champion - Brice
Carmichael, KirstenMorris
Blue & Honor - Brice Carmichael, Robert T. Herrington, Hannah Kiefer, Ernest Mobley, Kirsten
Blue - Taylor Atkinson, Nicholas
Bixler, Keirstyn R. Bucy, Andrew
Richards, Kara Schafer
* * * *
FOODS C-Grade 7-8-9
Grand Champion - Adam Hancock Level C
Champion - Adam Hancock,
Cecelia A. Herrington, Caroline Sebastian

State Fair - Adam Hancock,
Cecelia A. Herrington, Caroline Sebastian

Reserve Champion Level 3 -
Zaine G. Bucy, Eleanor J. Coffin
Blue & Honor - Zaine G. Bucy,
Bayli Cassell, Eleanor J. Coffin,
Adam Hancock, Cecelia A. Herrington, Brooke Schafer, Caroline
Sebastian, Natalie Stuckey, Amy N.
Todd, Evan Wood
Blue - Andrew J. Black, Joslyn
E. Bucy, Lexie Heck, Lexi M. Richardson, Morgan Schafer, Hunter M.
Stogsdill, James Styer
Red - Zack Bixler, Caylea Denny

Grand Champion - Brooklyn
E. Hey
Reserve Grand Champion -
Jared B. Haulk
Champion-Beginner - Brooklyn E. Hey
Champion-Advanced - Jared
B. Haulk
Level 1
State Fair Entry - Brooklyn E.
Blue & Honor - Brooklyn E.
Level 4
State Fair Entry - Jared B.
Blue - Jared B. Haulk

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