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Freedom Resident Announces Bid For 8th District Congressional Seat

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Andrew Horning Andrew Horning You’d expect I’d be asked why I want to be Indiana’s 8th District U.S. House Rep. The easy answer would be that I’m all about equality under law and reducing our government down to constitutional size, cost and power in order to maximize our security, prosperity, justice and freedom. That also means restoring constitutional money (end the Federal Reserve System), ending crony corporatism, dismantling bureaucracy, demilitarizing our police, and standing down our domestic spying and international imperialism.

Please look me up at www.horningforcongress.com. I’ve annotated both U.S. and Indiana Constitutions so you can see how I’d keep my oath of office.

But before any of that can be addressed, I always have to answer why I’m running as a Libertarian, instead of with the more visible and expected Democratic or Republican parties.

I did run as a Republican for congress once; won the primary; and if only actual living voters counted, I won the general election too.

But that brings me to why I’m a Libertarian, really – it’s the commonly acknowledged but strangely silent and critical issue of our time: corruption.

It’s not news that our government is corrupt. Over a hundred years ago Woodrow Wilson wrote that ours had already become, “… a government by the opinion and the duress of small groups of dominant men.” All our wisest founders and a dozen U.S. Presidents warned us about the “moneychangers,” “military industrialists” and other corporate and financial cronies behind the curtains of power. An increasing percentage of us have discovered that the Two Party System is scarcely more than a puppet show distraction from the way our world really works. With a few fat donations to a few key committee chairs and party officials, ideology becomes irrelevant. It’s a mess and we all know it.

But that’s been our choice. Election Day is the power of peaceful revolution; you don’t have to vote for the same old (D) and (R) charade; and our incumbent reelection rate is embarrassing only us.

If I could impress upon you just two things, it’d be these: 1. We The People have exactly and only what we’ve freely and repetitiously chosen. We are responsible for all the violence and injustice we call government. 2. We can choose better whenever we’re ready. We have all the power to fix what we’ve fouled.

Governments reflect the governed. People have to be smart and alert to avoid humanity’s ancient default state of oppression, slavery, genocide and war. You’d have to be the Home of The Brave to be the Land of The Free. And Americans, spiritually, mentally, morally and even physically, have given in. We’ve stopped fighting our ancient tendencies toward authoritarian rule, and we’ve increasingly delegated more and more to politicians. In Politics We Trust.

Over the past one hundred years, only two private clubs, the Republican and Democratic parties, have gradually secured over 90 percent of the votes in almost every election.

It seems absurd that in a country with innumerable choices in every other sort of brand, team, style, flavor, lifestyle choice and even gender, we’ve become so slavishly loyal to only two abstract tribes. Any other day, one can self-identify as male, white, Czech/German, Protestant, straight, married, right-handed and a gadget freak. But on Election Day, we are told, you must be either (D) or (R).

Well, I’m not playing that game anymore.

Don’t you already suspect that the so-called “Two Party System” has devolved into a puppet show, with all the real power wielded by the very rich behind the scenes? What does any vote for those parties mean when that whole system of expensive elections and well-funded candidates is obviously controlled by what Wilson called “small groups of dominant men?” Surely you don’t want to say “attaboy” to those people with your vote!

If you’ve concluded that all your votes for either Democrats or Republicans have been wasted on a crony network, I agree with you. And that’s why I think it’s time to bust that up, and show the people in charge who’s really in charge. After all, Election Day isn’t about me or any other candidate. It’s not about parties, or even those who influence them. Election Day is your day to choose. The power, and accountability, belongs solely to you and your neighbors. That is the one day you have where politicians are watching you, and dependent upon what you do in that voting booth.

Make this Election Day different. Don’t let it be another day of capitulation. Start a revolution. You really can make your vote for congress a shot heard ‘round the world. I’d love to play any part in that. And that’s why I’m running as a Libertarian.

Liberty or Bust!

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