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Gosport Town Council Holds Work Session, Regular Meeting Tuesday

by Amanda York
Staff Writer

The Gosport Town Council began business Tuesday evening by meeting with Don Humphrey of Testco who provided an update on the wellhead protection plan.

Humphrey gave a detailed update, noting that required changes to the plan had been made. He also took note of several phone numbers of council members and other contacts in case of an emergency. After completion, Humphrey will be submitting the plan to IDEM (Indiana Department of Environmental Management). The plan is due to IDEM by September 30, 2015.

After adjourning the work session, the board called the night’s regular meeting to order. After the approval of minutes, the board moved on to approval of bills to be paid. All bills were approved with one addition. It was also noted that a stop payment needed to be made on a check issued by the Town at the cost of $30. The check was also approved to be reissued to Larry Shelly.

Next on the agenda, the board heard from town superintendent Nick Manson who provided a water department update. Manson noted the need for price quotes to have the check valve repaired in the new house.

Moving on to sewer department news, clerk-treasurer Donnie Hall explained to the council that Craig McGowan from the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) would be in Gosport on September 9 at 10:00 a.m. for a sewer inspection. Hall also noted that in 2011, the Town had been downgraded to sub-standard when they had to borrow money to make their annual sewer bond payment. It was announced that the town loan rating has now been upgraded to standard.

Also in sewer and street department news, the board requested that Manson check the lift stations.

Council member Jamie Neibel was the next to address the board, requesting to purchase batteries for the portable radios from Amazon.com. The batteries come in a three pack for $59.97 and six batteries would need to be purchased. The request was approved unanimously, 2-0, with Neibel abstaining from the vote.

In other news, the board addressed the purchase of turn-out gear, although the issue was tabled at the last meeting. Fire liaison Jamie Neibel accepted responsibility for the miscommunication, but stood behind her decision.

The board then moved to hear from new town marshal James Harrington regarding police department news. Harrington announced that golf cart inspections for permits will be held on Monday, August 31 and Tuesday, September 1 from noon until midnight at the police department. Anyone wishing to purchase a permit other than those days can contact Harrington by calling 812-381-4329.

In other police department news, it was announced that the following police activity took place since the last meeting:

•One strangulation/battery investigation that resulted in arrest;

•One traffic stop with verbal warning;

•Three theft investigations;

•One criminal investigation;

•One noise complaint;

•Two trash/vegetation issues that have been taken care of;

•And one driving complaint.

Harrington also asked the board for supplies for the department as well as the approval to have the radio installed in the car, along with a new microphone and antenna. The board approved the radio installation and agreed to get together with Harrington to assemble a list of ‘must-haves’ for the department. Harrington noted the need for a PBT or portable Breathalyzer tester, rubber gloves, blood draw kits, and a computer and printer.

Moving on to street department news, the board heard an update on the backhoe and voted to open paving work on Mill Hill to sealed bids. It was also announced that the survey work on the boat ramp was completed and town attorney Terry English will work toward clearing up the issue of ownership on the sliver of land in question. The piece was apparently gifted to the Town of Gosport in the 1800s, but has not been officially included in the town legal description. Once completed, the Town will be able to work toward leasing the land to the State of Indiana for the boat ramp project.

Under old business, the board approved the breaking of ground for a stick-built home for Vicki Frasier, who lost her home across from Gosport Elementary to fire this spring.

The council announced that the money for VIN checks and golf cart permits will go into the police reserve fund.

Town attorney Terry English was directed to draft an ordinance for credit card use. English is also going to draft a new ordinance to change the traffic code at Garfield and Seventh streets. At this time, it is just a two-way stop, but will be a four-way stop in the future, with the installation of stop signs both north and south on Seventh Street.

The next meeting of the Gosport Town Council will be held on Tuesday, September 8, beginning at 6:30 p.m. in Gosport Town Hall.

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