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Harrison Homemakers

by Sue Click
Club Secretary

At sunrise on November 14, 2012, Viola Hall was busy in her kitchen preparing a delicious meal for the ladies of the Harrison Homemakers Club. Viola Hall served as hostess for November’s meeting and never has she disappointed us as we give thanks for having a wonderful cook in our club.

Viola Hall, our club’s vice president, opened the meeting with the club prayer and the Pledge to our Flag. She then ask Rose Stringfellow to share the month’s quote: “Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, bring your own sunshine.” This is true wisdom!

Sherry Pegg shared the Hint of the Month: Once a stamp has been adhered to an envelope, it is considered used, even if it has not been canceled, it cannot be steamed, peeled, cut or glued onto another envelope (so said the) U.S. Postal Service.

Viola Hall shared devotions; “The Wooden Bowl.” This story can be found far back in time to the fifteen and sixteenth centuries; there are lists of this tale being in circulation around 1535. Children are and have always been remarkably perceptive. Their eyes ever observe, their ears ever listen, and their minds ever process the messages they absorb. If they see us patiently provide a happy home atmosphere for family members, they will imitate that attitude for the rest of their lives. Let’s ponder this!

Sue Click called roll: Name something, other than special people in your life, that you are thankful for.

Yes, we all had lots to be thankful, especially that we are privileged and blessed to be living in the United States of America. Those present: Viola Hall, Sue Click, Judy Crouch, Rose Stringfellow, Dee Ringler, Sherry Pegg, Grace Bixler and Carole Watson.

Sue Click, secretary, shared the secretary’s report, which was corrected and approved.

Carole Watson, treasurer, gave the treasurer’s report, which was also approved. It was also suggested we send a donation to The Back Street Mission toward a Thanksgiving dinner. We all agreed.

Judy Crouch led us in singing, “We Gather Together to ask the Lord’s blessings.” As we sang our hearts swelled with Thanksgiving. Dee Ringler shared the health and safety lesson: “The Worrywart’s Guide to Peace under Pressure.” There are five techniques.

1. Learn the yoga breathing, This helps stimulate energizing nitride oxide, slows heart rate, and even reduces hot flashes.

2. Make your ugly face. Scrunch your face tightly for 15 seconds, then release, repeat several times for instant tension release.

3. Cut the clutter and chop big jobs into itty-bitty ones. You’ll feel less overwhelmed.

4. Find a buddy. Spending time with a friend is the key to managing stress and being more productive, and

5. Soothe your vagus nerve. The largest nerve in the body carries a truckload of information to the brain. Prayer, like meditation, can help relax this nerve; and let’s face it, when you finish praying, you typically don’t feel like you want to rap somebody’s ankles with a wooden spoon. Afterward you’re filled with peace, joy and other emotions that are worthy of being printed on holiday cocktail napkins.

Viola Hall reminded us of old business and new, reminding us of an upcoming bake sale and events plus making sure we follow through with these events. She also thanked us for remembering to bring supplies to give to the humane society. Our December project is to bring hats, gloves, and warm clothing for the children at Gosport Elementary school who have needs in this area.

Sherry Pegg gave a lesson on “Friendship Through the Years.” This time Sherry shared “What qualities are needed to build a friendship relationship with vitality that will flourish through the years”: a) Develop “choice” friendships. Choose people you wish to have for friends-vs just spending time with people who happen to cross your path. b) Solid basis for enduring friendships involves trust, shared interests and good times/fun. c) Importance of laughter, humor, fun. d) Be sure to include the need for commitment to nurturing the relationship.

Viola Hall closed our meeting with “The Collect.” Our December meeting will be held on the 12th at 11:30 a.m. Where? That festive Christmas Land home of Dee’s daughter, Janet Shufflebarger. Dee will serve as hostess, along with Janet.

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