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Owen Council Hears Report On Road Repairs Completed in 2012

Special Meeting To Be Held December 17 In Commissioners’ Room
by Michael Stanley
Staff Writer

The Owen County Council learned Monday evening of the county roadway projects completed to date thanks in large part to an additional $90,000 provided by the council in early September following a request made by county highway department superintendent Joe Pettijohn and county commissioner Donnie Minnick.

The additional $90,000 covered a shortfall in the highway’s local road and street funds and allowed for various repairs to me made to Johnson, Big Four, Cooper and Baseline roads.

On Monday, Pettijohn provided the council members with a full report of county roadways resurfaced in 2012.

On Cooper Road, workers chip and sealed a 16-foot wide, 3.1 mile stretch of roadway for a cost of $62,970.97.

On Baseline Road, workers chip and sealed 2.2 miles of roadway ($54,845.68) and paved an additional 800 feet ($6,434.62).

A 3,168 foot stretch of School House Road was also chip and sealed at a cost of $12,187.93, while various areas totaling 5,893 feet were repaved on Johnson Road at a total cost of S64,678.95.

On Newark Road, workers chip and sealed 5,900 feet of roadway at a cost of $22,698.48, and did the same for 8,030 feet on Orman Road for a total cost of $30,893.02.

On Drunkards Pike, a large culvert was installed and a 175 foot section of paving was completed at a combined cost of $1,920.72.

On Braysville Road, chip and seal work totaled 6,300 feet and cost $24,327.36, while Phillips Road received 2,700 feet of chip and sealed roadway at a cost of $10,387.44.

In addition, 3,450 feet of Hollybrook Road was chip and sealed at a cost of $13,372.84.

Although the cost will be reimbursed by a local resident, it was noted that a 2,640 foot section of Owen Park Road was paved at a cost of $42,178.18.

A large hill on Goose Creek Road has been resurfaced due to numerous gravel washouts, and a 16-foot, 858 section of road paved at a cost of $19,417.03.

The year also found crews patching 463.06 miles of county roadway, with Pettijohn noting that the department spent a total of $356,313.22 to pave and chip and seal roads.

The council later received a progress report on the nearly completed Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility improvement project at the county courthouse from Southern Indiana Development Commission Grant Administrator Matt Sward and county maintenance supervisor Sam Hobbs.

Sward noted that a walk-through of the courthouse on Monday showed that the new elevator is now in working order and has passed state inspection. Sward also said that contractor 3-D Construction reaffirmed the completion date of December 21st.

Also related to the project, the council voted 6-0 to approve $166,320.55 in claims from the county’s Rainy Day Fund to 3-D Construction, Architura, PMSI and SIDC.

Hobbs noted that, due to a bad design provided by Architura’s Mike Conly on a lift station installed at the courthouse, the county would be receiving a check refund of $2,500 in the near future.

Hobbs also added that urinals have been removed from the first floor men’s restroom and that Conly agreed that due to design flaws, he would pay the bill to swap the men’s and women’s restrooms on the first floor. Hobbs will approach the Owen County Board of Commissioners with plans for the work during the board’s next meeting on Monday, December 17.

With a long list of additional appropriations and transfer requests as the end of the year approaches, the council was visited by the county sheriff, circuit court judge, clerk and treasurer, in addition to the directors of the emergency management agency and emergency medical service.

Owen County Sheriff Chester Richardson III approached the council and received a 6-0 vote to transfer the amount of $4,356.61 from inmate medical funds to repair of equipment. The council also voted 6-0 to approve a request to transfer the amount of $14,409.66 from jail housing to a safe keepers line item.

The council then spoke with Owen County Circuit Court Judge Frank Nardi regarding three different requests to transfer funding.

The council voted 6-0 to transfer $1,300 from a psychiatric line to office supplies, $1,353.81 from psychiatric to pauper counsel, $176.50 from association fees and dues to the pro tem line, $150 from the interpreter line item to pauper counsel, and $263.50 from association fees and dues to pauper counsel.

Judge Nardi also noted that while the case of Michael Joyner versus the State of Indiana is not a capital punishment case, it bears many of the same elements. The judge added that he recently submitted a portion of the case’s $33,000 in expenses to the Indiana Public Offender Council for a possible partial reimbursement.

The council later received three transfer requests from Owen County Clerk Jeff Brothers, voting 6-0 to transfer $448 to the election voter registration line from the voting machine maintenance line, $200 from maintenance to the polling place rental line and $350 from maintenance to the election board line.

Regarding the commissioners’ budget, the council voted 6-0 to transfer $1,391.63 from the postage line to the postage meter line and another 6-0 vote to appropriate $7,500 from the county’s cash balance to the unemployment insurance line.

Owen County Treasurer Tami Snodgrass received a 6-0 vote from the council to transfer $230.36 from printing to clerical assistant, $202 from a maintenance agreement to clerical assistance and $40.58 from dues and subscriptions to clerical assistant.

Snodgrass also received a 6-0 vote to enter into a new 60-month lease agreement with Toshiba, which includes parts and labor in the maintenance agreement for a new copy machine. The total cost of $10,860 will be paid at a monthly cost of $172, first from the county’s maintenance agreement line and then from the office’s document fee fund for 2013. It was noted that the payment of the lease agreement will likely be revisited during 2014 budget hearings.

Another copy machine request was heard from Owen County EMA Director Jack White. White requested to purchase a tabletop printer, copier and scanner from Toshiba, which would be 50 percent funded by the Local Emergency Planning Committee. The council voting 6-0 in favor of paying for the remaining $770.54 from the county’s document fee fund.

Owen County EMS Director Cris Lunsford also came before the council with requests for transfers while noting that the EMS has brought in approximately $700,000 in revenue to date in 2012.

Lunsford’s requests included transferring $6,407 from the EMS cash balance to bonds and insurance, and another $36,944.56 from the EMS cash balance to the group insurance line.

Lunsford and several other department heads will approach the council on Monday, December 17 with all final year-end appropriation and transfer requests during a special meeting. The public meeting will begin at 7:00 p.m. in the Commissioners’ Room, located on the second floor of the Owen County Courthouse.

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