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The Great iPad Debate....

Morgan Vincent supports students using iPads in place of textbooks. (Courtesy Photo) Morgan Vincent supports students using iPads in place of textbooks. (Courtesy Photo) Should Ipads replace text books? As education becomes more and more digital this is a debate that is happening across the country. In Mrs. Dina Heckman’s eighth grade Language Arts class, her students were given the task of stating their position on a controversial topic that affects their school and try to convince others to agree with you.

Morgan Vincent supports students using iPads. Her argument follows:

The students at Owen Valley Middle School are used to using old, trashy textbooks. Even the teachers have to deal with students’ textbooks getting ruined, lost, stolen, or forgotten. Students not having their textbooks can cause an interruption for the class. Owen Valley needs to make a change. Owen Valley Middle School needs to use iPads instead of textbooks.

First of all, using iPads would be much easier than having to worry about students losing, or not having their textbooks. Students wouldn’t need textbooks because all of their schoolwork would be on iPads. Students wouldn’t interrupt the class by having to get their forgotten textbook. The school wouldn’t have to pay for lost books. If the school used iPads, they would be the only things the school would need. The school wouldn’t use any books, paper, or any supplies.

Using iPads would save money by not giving out worksheets, using ink, or using paper. Instead of paper, every student’s homework would be on an iPad. The school would save money by not using ink to make copies for each and every student. Students wouldn’t have to worry about losing their homework because their work would be online. IPads would also save money because the school wouldn’t have to buy textbooks.

IPads would give students more organizational skills. Students wouldn’t have supplies to keep track of. IPads would be easier on students who are using big backpacks. Many students carry around backpacks filled with all of their books. If this school used IPads, students wouldn’t have books to carry around. Students wouldn’t need lockers as much as they do now. Just like with backpacks, students wouldn’t have much to keep in their lockers. With less books and supplies students would be much more organized.

Many people say that iPads are too expensive. If you think about it, textbooks are just as expensive as iPads. Students will get more use out of iPads than they will textbooks. Textbooks are very easily ruined, but iPads aren’t. Paper and ink also cost a lot of money, but that is something iPads would replace. Seeing how each student’s work would be on the iPads, the school would cut down on their use of paper and ink. Another way for the school to save money is to have the students rent out the iPads, just like they do with textbooks. The last way and the best way for the school to raise money for the iPads would be to have a fundraiser.

Owen Valley Middle School must replace textbooks with iPads. IPads would lower the use of books, paper, and create organization skills. Most importantly, iPads would save money. There are many ways to change Owen Valley, but using iPads would be the best for this school system.

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