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Ma & Pa And The Happy Hill Gang

Christmas On New Year’s Eve
by Judy Mize

Time goes on. Life goes on. And we thank God that it does. I can’t believe I have been too busy to write. I’ve written lots of stories in my mind. I just haven’t gotten them down on paper. Actually I did write a couple during the holidays, but they are so outdated now it seems strange to be sharing them with you. But, I’ve been told (thanks, Janet) that it isn’t too late to drop off my stories and see if our Editor wants to print them.

Pa and I hope everyone had a happy, happy, happy time over the holidays. For us Christmas was a little late this year. Since I work at a 24/7/365 place of business it was my turn to work Christmas Day. We like to let our Gkids have Christmas Eve with their families at home. So, this season we decided to celebrate Christmas at our annual New Year’s Eve party. It’s not the day that makes us happy, it’s being together. We think it worked out to be a lot of fun for everyone.

The Close Cousin Five were in prime form. They played well together and had a lot of fun entertaining the adults. The oldest of the five, now 14, didn’t get as active as the others. He watched, laughed, and shook his head at the younger four.

I had bought everyone those thick, fuzzy, wild colored socks you see everywhere. They keep their feet extra warm and the kids soon found out that they are great for sliding on the hardwood floors. We adults enjoyed watching them have fun. It seemed the more we laughed the wilder they played. Isn’t that like kids? They thrive on attention. And this was good, innocent fun for all of us.

They lined up at the doorway of the carpeted playroom then one at a time they came running and sliding out onto the wooden floor. The winner was the one that slid the farthest before falling down. After a few rounds of going one at a time they decided to make a Congo line. All four came sliding out at once. They slid near to the end of the room and then tumbled over one at a time on top of each other. It was like watching dominos fall.

I always make something for all the kids each year. It is usually the same thing just in different colors. This year I made funny fur animal hats for all the kids here and a mom, and two for the girls in Missouri. I did something different this year. I lined up the hats on the table. I had the kids draw numbers to see who went first to pick out the one they want. They each picked the one they wanted and then they traded around until everyone was satisfied. It was a lot of fun for all of us to watch them pick and trade with no fighting.

I’m guessing some of you are probably thinking those kids are wild, noisy, spoiled, and probably making a mess out of our house. Well, yes, they are all of the above. What are Gmas and Gpas for but to spoil their Gkids? Let them have some fun and send them home with good memories and maybe some stories. We try to teach them some lessons on life and faith while we are at it. Getting together is good for all of us. It is all part of our making our Family Quilt. And, I can clean the house after they go home.

I had decided that for this one party I was not going to tell them ‘no.’ Not for anything, within reason that is. If they wanted to slide, they could. If they wanted another coke, it was okay. If they wanted another cookie I said, yes. It was a Gkid day. We all had to wait a week for Christmas so we were going to have fun on New Year’s Eve. And we all did.

We had our traditional pizza dinner with cookies and chocolate milk and cokes. Of course at the stroke of midnight they all went outside and banged on pans, cookies sheets and yelled at the top of their lungs. Gpa shot off his firecrackers. When the noise died down they decided to stay outside and run around the yard and play for awhile. Note: We have no neighbors nearby.

Four of the kids spent the night with us and played together all day New Year’s Day. It will be a Christmas/New Year’s for the Happy Hill Gang to remember for a long time.

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